St John’s Parish School Trangie

On the 16th of July 1914, a community of five Mercy Nuns arrived in Trangie to establish the first Convent and teach at a school to instruct Catholic children.

The Parish Church where Mass was provided only once a fortnight, served as the Primary School.

The Trangie Convent of Mercy remained open until the end of 1964 when it was decided that the nuns would reside in Narromine and travel each day to teach in Trangie.

The Sisters continued to teach in Trangie until the end of 1981. Since then, there have been lay Principals and staff.

Father Walter Curran was the first Parish Priest at Trangie. The Sisters of Mercy was founded by Sister Catherine McAuley. Due to their significance in the history of the Catholic School community of St John, the sporting teams are named Curran and McAuley in their honour.

St John’s Parish School celebrated 100 years of Catholic Education in Trangie in 2014.