Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

St. John’s School is a welcoming Catholic Educational Community that celebrates the individuality of each of its members and fosters in our students the courage to know, seek and live the truth as global citizens.  In partnership with parents and the Parish Community, we offer Jesus as the model and means of life.

Mission Statement

Our goals as a Catholic Community are to:

  • Provide regular opportunities for our community to learn about and celebrate their belief in God through the Catholic tradition.
  • Participate in the Evangelising Mission of the Church within the parish community.
  • Foster a climate of care that provides pastoral support for students and their families, clergy and staff.

Our goals as an Educational Community are to:

  • Encompass the Gospel in all aspects of a challenging curriculum and environment.
  • Promote the development of the whole person.
  • Develop a partnership between school, parish, home and the wider community.

Our goals as a Community within the Wider Community are to:

  • Foster an active partnership between school, home, parish, diocese and the wider community.
  • Foster an inclusive community.
  • Listen and respond to social justice issues within our school community and beyond.