Policy Statement

This policy aims to outline clearly for all parents, children and staff associated with St John’s, Trangie, the desired standard of the wearing of the students’ school uniform.

Through the implementation of this Uniform Policy, the staff will be working towards the achievements of the Vision and Mission of St John’s School.


  • To standardise the clothing of students at St John’s Trangie.
  • To create pride and an equal environment in our school
  • To preserve the dignity of children


Uniforms assist in creating a sense of community and ease the financial burden placed on parents in having to dress children in different outfits each day. Whilst having a quality garment, uniform costs are kept to a minimum.

In wearing their uniform with pride the students of St John’s will have their:

  • Shirts tucked in
  • Whole attire correct while taking good care of the uniform.

Uniform is important at St. John’s and children not in school uniform are required to supply a written note explaining why. Failure to do this will incur a letter to parents to let them know that their child has not been wearing the correct uniform /wearing the uniform correctly.

A uniform pool is available to the school community and is maintained by the P&F.  For items needed to fulfil requirements of the school uniform.

Children will be regularly affirmed for wearing correct school uniform and parents will be affirmed through newsletters, assemblies and parent information sessions for supporting the implementation of the correct uniform.

These following areas will explain what is expected, in the wearing of the correct school uniform at St John’s Trangie, by all the students.

The Uniform

These can be worn by boys and girls with both the Summer and Winter uniform:

  • Navy Blue Fleecy jumper with school emblem – St John’s P&F care of school office.
  • Tracksuit jacket with school emblem – St John’s P&F care of school office.
  • School hat – St John’s P&F care of school office.
GIRLS – Summer

Dress – light blue checked uniform with sleeves, zip down back, side seam pocket, Peter Pan collar Style pattern 4060

Socks – plain white socks are worn at ankle length in summer – Socks in view above the top of the shoe

Shoes – black leather lace-up school shoe with a normal low heel.

GIRLS – Winter

Dress – navy tartan pinafore worn as one piece white blouse pointed collar

Socks – plain long or short navy socks /tights

Shoes – black leather lace-up school shoe with a normal low heel.

BOYS – Summer

Shortsgrey Midford polycotton drill school shorts  – above the knee

Shirt  – blue Midford shirt, short sleeve.

Socks – plain grey socks, worn at ankle length in summer.

Shoes – low heeled, black lace school shoes,  black or brown boots

Boys – Winter

Trousers – long grey polycotton drill school trouser – no cargo or baggy pants

Shirt –  blue Midford shirt, long sleeved

Socks – plain grey socks,  maybe knee length in winter.

Shoes – low heeled, black lace school shoe, black or brown boots


Tracksuit navy school tracksuit with school emblem.

T-Shirt  – St Johns sports shirt, red, navy with white trim and emblem.

Red skort for girls

Red shorts for boys

Sports shoeswhite or black joggers

Socks – plain white socks, ankle length. Socks in view above the top of the shoe or boot

(Very short sports socks/anklets are not appropriate for the school or sports uniform)


Navy with Red Emblem.  This item is optional and is available our school office.


  • St John’s P&F have hats, sports tops, tracksuit, sports shorts and jumpers.
  • For girls winter and summer uniforms please call Stephanie Donnelly on 0428583627, or 68953597. 
  • Boys shirts, shorts and trousers can be purchased from Lowes, Big W and Best and Less.  


  • Students are to always wear correct uniform.
  • Brand name items are NOT to be worn.
  • Nail polish / make up is NOT to be worn. Neutral coloured lip ease may be used if needed.

Hair – should be clean, combed, tidy and pinned or tied back off the face. If a fringe is growing past the eyebrows then it also needs to be pinned or tied back. All hair clips, hair bands or ribbons are to be in school colours of black, navy blue, light blue, red or white.

Hair Styles – no unusual/extreme hairstyles. Regulation haircuts only. Hair should remain its natural colour. Boys hair neat and tidy and of an acceptable style and be above the collar.  Haircuts no shorter than a No. 2.

QH&S  – the chosen uniform will need to take into account health and safety of the children while they are wearing our school uniform.

Hats – to protect skin from the sun and heat. The school hat is a navy blue Cancer Council brimmed cricket style hat with the school emblem and is the only style hat permitted. Hats are to be worn on the head at all times, during all terms, when the children are in the playground.

Shoes – the shoes worn as part of the uniform should take into consideration the support of the child’s feet, comfort, suitability of shoe for school activities eg walking to the town library, Health Hustles, playing soccer/running games on the oval etc. The shoes are to be low heeled, black lace school shoe, black or brown boots.

PLEASE LABEL every article of clothing, swimming towels, lunch boxes and all personal property.

Jewellery – Excess jewellery is not permitted.  A wristwatch, two small gold or silver sleepers/ stud earrings in earlobes only and a medical bracelet are permitted (if needed).

Out of Uniform Day

This does occur from time to time, perhaps once per term for Mission fundraising. All children are expected to wear:  something with a sleeve, that covers their mid-drift,  shoes with the toes covered – no thongs or clothing that has inappropriate wording.


The effectiveness of this policy will be that:

  • All children of St. John’s School have a sense of belonging to the school, wear their uniform with pride, and show a responsibility to the school.
  • Parents will be kept informed and encouraged to adhere to the uniform policy and will be notified when their child is continually out of uniform.
  • All children will look uniform and as a result be able to feel comfortable in the school environment.